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We are two best friends (and roommates!) who have fallen in love with fashion. After being inspired by several fashion blogs, we've decided to think a little longer about what we put on in the morning. :P So join us as we keep calm & style on!

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Hello, I'm Erin! I tend to land myself in awkward situations and I have a tendencey to say things that sound dirty...but really aren't. My family, friends, and boyfriend are a huge part of my life - if not for them I wouldn't exist (literally!). I love large puppies, hot drinks, sashimi, Disneyland, and anything having to do with love. I hope you enjoy my adventures!

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Hiya, I'm Caroline! I love photography, Harry Potter, anything related to Disney/Disneyland, corgis, and baking. Most of all, I love my family, friends and boyfriend -- all of which will eventually appear in my posts. :) I'm simple, awkward and dorky - so prepare for that, haha. :D



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And I never want to leave.
Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random title... I just wanted to finish the Maroon 5 song since Erin used "Sunday Morning"!  :P

So today, Erin & I learned that posing for photos is really hard. I did not realize how incredibly awkward I can get in front of the camera!  We tried not smiling, which only led to laughter and a lot of funny looking photos.  x)  One day we'll get it.  This will take a lot of experimenting and probably a lot of just being comfortable with experimenting!

See that necklace? Daniel (my boyfriend) gave it to me as a random surprise. ♥  It's one of those super long necklaces, so I've yet to learn all the different ways you can use it!

Cardigan: American Eagle || Top: Forever 21 || Jeans: PacSun || Belt: Thrifted || Boots: Gift || Necklace: Gift

Until next time!
- Caroline ♥

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Sunday Morning

Hi Guys! So this is my first post on our blog. Caroline is so tech/camera/html savvy; she pretty much had to show me how to do everything! Hopefully I can keep up. So today we decided to go outside our apartment complex and take photos. It is here we realized how little poses we know. Nonetheless we had fun with it and here are my results (Caroline will be posting later)!

I realized happy smiling photos are for me! Kudos for those who can take a good photo without a smile; it is very difficult. I just think smiling brings so much light to a person's face.

Outer Cardigan: American Eagle || Inner Cardigan: My mom's old cardigan from the 80s || Shorts: DIY cut off shorts|| Belt: Dad's old belt|| Tights: Urban Outfitters || Socks: Urban Outfitters Boots: Macy's 

We are just beginners so bare with us if anything we do seems rather...amateur. We are just two best friends who have suddenly became so inspired by the many beautiful fashion blogs, that we just wanted to give ourselves that chance to grow and learn from all of you. 

Until my next post! 


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First post! :D
Saturday, February 26, 2011

Caroline speaking!  I have to admit, this is sort of exciting!  Our very own fashion blog.  Erin and I have fallen in love with fashion blogs, so we decided to take a stab at it as well.  It's going to be quite an adventure, but also a huge challenge as well.  But overall, I think this will be very, very fun.  :)

Anyway, today my siblings took the train to visit me.  We spent the day eating Korean BBQ, getting shaved ice and shopping.  :)  It was so much fun, but it was sad to bring them back to the train station at the end of the day.

Please excuse the it-is-cold expression, messy hair and my funny looking arm/elbow!  :P

Blazer: Thrifted (Forever 21) || Shirt: Forever 21 || Jeans: PacSun
Belt: Thrifted || Boots: Gift || Purse: Gift (Macy's)

Wooooo! First post = Done!  I can't wait for Erin to start posting.  :)

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